Woolly Crafts is a small 1 person business with a great passion for felting and my mission is to spread that knowledge and love :)

In my workshops I educate both children and adults about ancient craft of feltmaking/wet felting as well as contemporary art of needle felting. I teach how to use wool to create beautiful pieces of art and objects of every day use.

For workshops visit my Facebook page: Woollycrafts

Trough this website Woolly Crafts supplies felt making materials and tools to your doorstep in affordable prices, so you can step into the magic of felt making in a comfort of your own home.

I also believe in sustainability and I care greatly about natural environment, that's why I try to keep Woolly Crafts carbon footprint as small as possible. 99% of felting supplies on this website comes from European Union. Packaging is free from plastic, made out of renewable recourse and it's biodegradable or recyclable, for everyone's piece of mind :)

Happy felting!